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Share & find goodness around you with your real neighbours

Share with your neighbours

Share Fun, Events, Music, Reviews, Choices, Food and things beloved. Neighbours would love to know

Ask your neighbours

Want to find a good school, a great doctor, a lovely florist or literally anything? Tap into the vast knowledge that your neighbours have and get instant recommendations!

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Be a star in your neighbourhood

There is a Shah Rukh in everyone, and you too are the star in your circle

Let your fans in your neighbourhood know you and what you recommend or like!

Recommendations you can trust

Good1 is the drop box where your neighbours and friends have shared contacts that they recommend.

Find out who recommends whom and what's more, start a chat right away with your neighbour or friend to know more about the recommendation. Just like old times!

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Good1 in Emergency, the SOS way

To ensure that you get a local help in an emergency we have curated SOS numbers for each neighbourhood.

If you are Good Samaritan and want to help your neighbours in an emergency, reach out to us. Yes, another way to be a Star!

Know your neighbour

Do you really know your neighbours, we mean really?

There are awesome people living in your neighbourhood but you have no clue about them.

Good1 helps you to know your neighbours in a better way. Maybe even foster lifelong relationships!

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Good1 for Business

We believe that your business should grow by good word of mouth. A good service to a customer should be an investment enough to get more customers rather than spending money in mindless marketing efforts.

List your Business on Good1 to grow your revenues from your own happy customers. This is the last refuge for a local business to market themselves most effectively.

It's free, so try it today. Contact us here to know more.

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